The Captain’s Crew is made up of Companies & Brands that believe in the core values as the producers; Integrity, Honesty, and Customer Service. Please take a look at our fantastic sponsors pages and show them the same support you have shown us! Thank You & Let’s Feast!

*** There are a limited number of sponsorship opportunities available. Several marketing campaigns are set in place for the different sponsorship levels that are designed to optimize brand awareness as well as accelerate product and service sales. ***


• Your sponsorship of 2014 FOTS secures first right of refusal for 2015 FOTS.
• You can only secure sponsorship with a deposit and final payment before June 31st.
• Complete the Sponsor Agreement to specify campaigns and needs.
• Early commitment is heavily rewarded in the marketing campaigns.
• West Palm Beach and surrounding communities thrive off loyalty and commitment from brands!
Each Sponsorship level is open for alteration to cater to specific brand requests or concepts.